How is extraction done: Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane

What is wisdom teeth impaction: Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane

Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane – Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt in the mouth by 18-24 yrs. Sometimes due to lack of space in the jaw, the molar remains inside the jawbone or erupts partially in the mouth. Wisdom tooth impaction is a common condition that affects most people. It is believed that if your wisdom tooth has not affected you by age 30, it will not trouble you now. However, this does not hold for everyone, so it is essential to get yourself checked frequently not to miss the early signs. Wisdom Teeth Removal Majiwada is planned meticulously after careful examination and diagnosis of the type of impaction. 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the types of impaction, indications, and the Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane procedure- brought to you by Dental Solutions Thane.

Types of Impaction: Wisdom Teeth Removal Majiwada

Soft tissue impaction

In this impaction, the tooth is only covered with the soft tissue or gums overlying it. The radiographic analysis of the tooth is done to see the angulation, root formation, and how much bone is covering the tooth. Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane is indicated when the tooth is malaligned and there is no scope for complete eruption.

Bony impaction

The type of impaction occurs when the tooth is completely encased inside the jawbone. There are multiple subtypes of bony impaction, and the complexity of Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane is decided based on it.

When is removal indicated: Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane

The wisdom tooth removal is not indicated in all cases, but there are a few symptoms you must be aware of like:

  • Chronic or recurrent pain 
  • Swelling or redness on the soft tissue overlying the impacted tooth
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Pain in the ears
  • Referred pain in the temple area
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth

How is removal done: Wisdom Teeth Removal Thane

Consultation and Treatment planning

The first step of Wisdom Teeth Removal Majiwada is consultation with our experts at  Dental Solutions Thane. In this step, the oral surgeon will clinically examine your case and analyze the difficulty level radiographically.

Based on the difficulty level, the customized treatment plan is designed for your wisdom tooth removal Thane. You must discuss your medical history and the medications you are taking to plan the removal appropriately.


The choice of anesthesia is local anesthesia for most wisdom tooth removal Thane. The tooth and the adjacent soft tissue are numb to ensure a painless procedure.


  • The procedure for the impacted tooth removal starts with incising the soft tissues overlying the tooth.
  • After gaining access to the bone, a rotary handpiece is used to remove the bone covering the tooth.
  • Once our experts visualize the tooth, they will start loosening it for easy removal and prevent breakage.
  • In cases of complex tooth impaction, the tooth is divided into parts before removing.
  • After the surgery is done, the sutures are placed for fast healing of the extraction site