Aftercare regime of wisdom tooth removal: Wisdom Teeth Instructions Thane

General care instructions: Wisdom Teeth Instructions Thane

  • Wisdom Teeth Instructions Thane – Do not spit for the first 24hrs  after the surgery
  • Avoid touching the surgical site with your tongue and fingers
  • Use an ice pack for cold compression from outside the mouth. Keep it on the surface for 10 mins and remove it for 5 mins. Repeat the process for a couple of hours
  • Do not lie down immediately after reaching home; use two pillows at night to elevate the head while sleeping.
  • Take all the medications prescribed to you by our doctors at Dental Solutions Thane.
  • Drink plenty of water but avoid using a straw as it creates a suction effect that could potentially dislodge the clot
  • As a part of Wisdom Teeth Instructions, Majiwada, our doctors at Dental Solutions Thane.
  • Suggest avoiding smoking and drinking for at least a week after the surgery
  • Avoid eating solid food items immediately after the surgery. Shift to a soft diet for the first few days to eliminate unnecessary stress on the surgical site.

What all is normal after surgery: Wisdom Teeth Instructions Thane

  • Minor swelling in the surgical area is expected
  • Slight pain or discomfort after the procedure is standard and can be effectively managed with the medicines.
  • There may be slight difficulty while opening the mouth, and the opening might be reduced for a few days.
  • A few individuals also experience slight pain in the ears.
  • Slight oozing of the blood from the extraction site is normal, and you must contact our experts at Dental Solutions, Thane immediately if the bleeding does not stop.
  • There may be a slight rise in body temperature following complex surgical procedures. This will subside eventually in a couple of days with the medicines.

Additional instructions: Wisdom Teeth Instructions Thane


Minor oozing of the blood from the surgical site is normal. Apply pressure with your teeth on the medicated gauze piece to control bleeding. Biting firmly over the gauze applies pressure on the bleeding point. If there is uncontrolled bleeding must be reported to us immediately.


Minor swelling is considered normal and is effectively managed with cold compressions. The cold application reduces the blood flow in that area, thereby addressing the swelling.


Slight pain or discomfort is considered normal and is controlled with the use of regular over-the-counter medicines.

Oral hygiene

Brushing and rinsing are not advised for the first 24 hrs as a protocol of Wisdom Teeth Instructions Majiwada. Warm saline rinses by adding a pinch of salt in lukewarm water are a must for maintaining adequate oral hygiene.


In complex surgeries, our surgeons at Dental solutions give multiple stitches to promote faster healing. Stitches are to be removed after 7-10 days.

Diet after surgery: Wisdom Teeth Instructions Thane

Healing after getting your wisdom tooth extracted depends significantly on your diet. Staying nourished promotes healing, and avoiding certain things will help you prevent the harm done by dislodging the clot formed at the surgical site.

  • Avoid hot and spicy food items.
  • Do not consume hard food items that can potentially dislodge the clot
  • Do not intake carbonated drinks
  • Do not take fluid from straws
  • Consume soft food items like yogurt, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and smoothies