Three effective Massage Therapy for TMJ: TMJ Massage Therapy

Temporomandibular pain or TMJ disorder is caused by the spasm of muscles around the lower jaw. Chronic TMJ pain may be due to teeth grinding or excessive consumption of chewing gums. The muscles around the jaw are inflamed and painful when under constant stress.  However, a simple massage can help you relax the muscle tension and get some relief – TMJ Massage Therapy Thane

The information below will discuss three effective massage therapy for TMJ. 

Massage Therapy for TMJ #1- TMJ kneading massage

A TMJ kneading massage therapy provides constant circular motion massage to the muscle for effective TMJ Massage Therapy Thane.

  • First, locate the masseter muscle in your jaw. They are the ones behind your molars. If you start with your fingers from the angle of the mouth going backward, there is a plane of muscle running downward and can be felt on the jaw if you clench your teeth.
  • Once you locate the muscle, use your two fingers to massage it circularly.
  • This circular motion will help warm the muscle by increasing the blood flow.
  • The constant motion of fingers over the muscle improves the lymphatic drainage and helps flush out the waste.
  • Continue the motion till you find some relief and experiment with the different areas of the jaw with a similar kind of motion to find the best relief spot for you.

Massage Therapy for TMJ#2- TMJ friction massage – TMJ Massage Therapy Thane

For some people, only the circular motion is insufficient for adequate relief. TMJ friction massage is another alternative TMJ Massage Therapy Thane for such cases.

  • First, locate the TMJ muscle just below the masseter along the jawline.
  • Apply constant pressure using your index fingers to the mandible muscle for TMJ massage relief
  • Each individual is different, so you must find the best spot for applying pressure for maximum relief.
  • Just ensure that you are applying gentle pressure and not too much force.

Massage Therapy for TMJ#3- TMJ stretching massage

If you liked the TMJ friction massage, it is likely to get some more relief with this TMJ Massage Therapy, Thane. In this massage therapy, the stretching action of the muscle helps improve the blood flow to reduce the soreness.

  • Place your thumbs parallel to the jawline just above the mandible muscle
  • Press on the muscle using your thumb, slowly stretching them away from the maxilla ( upper jaw)
  • You can also place your two fingers of one hand on the masseter and the fingers of the other one on the mandible
  • Press your fingers slowly towards each other and hold the position for a few secs before relaxing

The bottom line: TMJ Massage Therapy Thane

Massage therapy has proven to help relieve the pain. However, visiting your dentist for a correct and timely diagnosis is suggested to avoid further complications. If you have severe pain, kindly do not perform any massage therapy at home without expert supervision.