TMJ pain and hearing loss: TMJ Hearing Loss Treatment

The temporomandibular joint is located in front of the ear and connects the lower jaw with the skull. Any discomfort or pain in the TMJ may have an effect on the ears.  The symptoms of TMJ affecting your ear may vary from ear pain and tinnitus to even hearing loss in some people – TMJ Hearing Loss Treatment Thane

If you have some hearing difficulties and are not able to find the exact cause for it, check with your dentist and look for the TMJ connection to this issue. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss how hearing loss and ear pain are related to TMJ pain.

Types of TMJ disorders

The cause of TMJ disorder may be unclear sometimes. Teeth grinding or bruxism, trauma to the joint, or misaligned teeth are all possible causes of TMJ disorder pain. However, there are three major types of TMJ disorders

Myofascial pain

This is the most common type of TMJ disorder characterized by a dull aching pain in the muscles of the joint. The pain may get referred to the ears and cause problems like tinnitus and ear pain.

Internal derangement

This is related to the internal change in the positioning of the articular disc of the TMJ leading to deranged opening and closing of the jaw.

Degenerative disorders

Arthritis of the TMJ is a type of degenerative disease characterized by changes in the shape of the joint ultimately affecting its functionality.

Characteristics of TMJ disorder pain 

  • Clicking or popping sound of the joint
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Pain while eating or speaking 
  • Referred pain in the ears, neck, head, temple region

If your ear pain is accompanied by any of the above-mentioned symptoms it is suspected to have TMJ related hearing problem. For effective TMJ Hearing Loss Treatment Thane it is best to report at the earliest when you notice these symptoms.

Symptoms of TMJ-related ear problems: TMJ Hearing Loss Treatment Thane

  • Ringing sensation in the ears or tinnitus
  • Muffled sounds or impaired hearing
  • Stuffed ears or heaviness in the ears
  • Ear pain
  • Jaw pain along with ear pain
  • Pain in the ear region while eating

Causes of TMJ-related hearing problems

The location of TMJ is near the auditory canal and the inflammation of the joint may affect the ear. To confirm the cause your ENT specialist may examine the eardrum to diagnose the origin of the pain. TMJ pain along with ear pain is often related to TMJ-related hearing problems.

TMJ Hearing Loss Treatment Thane

Once we are confirmed that the hearing problem is not due to the problem with the ear itself. Now the treatment part focuses on the treatment of TMJ pain that can be done by various means like-

  • Eat softer consistency food
  • For teeth grinding wear a night guard
  • Do TMJ stretching exercises
  • TMJ massage therapy 
  • Application of heat from the outside
  • Consult your doctor at the earliest for proper diagnosis and management