Get rid of the pain with these effective treatments: TMD Treatment Cost

The primary goal of TMD treatment is to alleviate the pain and restore the normal biomechanical function of the temporomandibular joint. The TMD treatment cost in Thane depends on the type of treatment given and the severity of the disorder. 

The TMD Treatment Cost in Thane ranges starts from Rs 2,500 and the T scan cost is Rs 3,000. For more details visit us for a thorough clinical examination to know the exact TMD Treatment Cost in Thane for your case.

Without further delay let us discuss the various types of conservative and surgical treatment modalities available to treat TMD- information brought to you by The Dental Solution Thane

Conservative treatments:  

Traditional treatments


Anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants are generally effective in relieving TMJ pain as it helps in the reduction of joint inflammation and muscle spasm. However, it should be noted that this is a temporary solution and it is essential to find out the root cause of the pain for effective management.


If bruxism or teeth grinding is the cause of TMJ pain then the bite can be put into a more comfortable position by using a nightguard therapy. TMD Treatment Cost in Thane for a splint or night guard ranges from Rs2500-Rs6000.

Home treatments: TMD Treatment Cost in Thane

Soft diet

Add mashed potatoes, yogurt, fish, and other soft food items to your daily diet. Make sure you take small bites and cut your food items into small pieces before consumption. The idea is to skip food that needs your mouth to be open wide and avoid extreme jaw movements

Avoid parafunctional habits

Parafunctional habits like nail-biting, lip biting, and chewing on a pen or pencil may lead to extra pressure on the muscles around the jaw leading to TMD.

Practice relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation help relieve stress and other trigger factors for TMJ pain. Avoid slouching and resting your hands on the chin to reduce extra stress on the joint.

Other treatments

  • TENS
  • Radiowave therapy
  • Low-level LASER therapy
  • Botulinum toxin injections

Surgical treatments:  

  • Open joint surgery
  • Condylotomy
  • Arthroplasty
  • Total joint reconstruction
  • Aftercare of TMJ surgery

TMJ surgery should only be considered when all other treatment modalities to treat the pain have failed. TMD Treatment Cost in Thane for the surgical treatment depends on the type of surgery done. For the best treatment plan get yourself examined with our experts at The Dental Solutions Thane.

Indications for surgical treatment

  • When there is identifiable pathology related to the jaw joint
  • Pain-related to the pathology is present
  • No other means of treatment are effective in pain management
  • There is a resultant mechanical loss of function