How to get rid of Thumb Sucking Habit in Children? – Thumb Sucking Treatment

What is Thumb sucking? – Thumb Sucking Treatment

Thumb sucking is a common oral habit in kids where they suck on their thumb to soothe themselves or relieve stress. This behavior usually starts in infancy and is considered normal and harmless up to a certain age – Thumb Sucking Treatment

However, if the habit persists beyond 4yrs of age, it can affect the development of the teeth and jaws. Parents can help break this oral habit in kids by encouraging other self-soothing techniques and offering positive reinforcement.

At The Dental Solutions Thane, various appliances are available to curb this oral habit in kids. The information provided below will briefly discuss the treatment options brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane.

Thumb sucking complications – Thumb Sucking Treatment

Prolonged or intense thumb sucking can lead to various complications, especially if the habit continues beyond the age of 4 or 5. Some of the difficulties that may arise from thumb-sucking include:

  1. Dental problems: Thumb sucking can cause dental issues, such as misalignment of teeth, overbite, or open bite. These dental problems may require orthodontic treatment to correct.
  2. Speech difficulties: Thumb sucking can also affect a child’s speech development by interfering with the proper alignment of the teeth and jaws.
  3. Infection: Frequent thumb sucking can lead to skin irritation or infection around the mouth.
  4. Social problems: Children who continue to suck their thumb beyond age 4 or 5 may experience social problems, such as teasing or peer embarrassment.
  5. Emotional problems: Children who continue to suck their thumb may experience negative feelings about themselves or their habits, leading to reduced self-esteem or negative body image.

Thumb Sucking Treatment

There are several treatment options available for helping children break the habit of thumb-sucking. Here are some of the most common methods:

  1. Positive reinforcement: Offer your child praise and rewards for not sucking their thumb, such as a sticker chart or small treats. This can motivate them to break the habit.
  2. Substitute a pacifier or other object: Offer your child a pacifier or a soft toy to hold or cuddle as an alternative to sucking their thumb.
  3. Create a reminder: Use a band-aid or finger splint to remind your child not to suck their thumb.
  4. Talk to your child: Explain why breaking the habit is important and encourage them to take responsibility for it.
  5. Engage your child in other activities: Provide your child with plenty of activities to keep their hands and mind busy, such as puzzles, coloring, or playing with toys.

Various appliances available – Thumb Sucking Treatment

  1. Thumb crib: This appliance is a metal or plastic device that is placed in the child’s mouth and prevents the thumb from making contact with the roof of the mouth.
  2. Palatal crib: Similar to a thumb crib, a palatal crib is a device that is placed on the roof of the mouth and prevents the child from sucking their thumb.
  3. Oral screen: This device is a small plastic screen attached to the child’s upper teeth, preventing the tongue from pushing against the teeth and the thumb from entering the mouth.
  4. Habit reminder appliance: This appliance is a small device that is placed on the child’s finger and vibrates when the child puts their thumb in their mouth, reminding them to stop the habit.