How can you help your child stop Thumb sucking: Thumb Sucking Treatment Thane

Why do kids suck their thumb: Thumb Sucking Treatment Thane

Thumb Sucking Treatment Thane – Thumb sucking is a soothing behavior of the child that starts in the womb. It is a reflexive coping mechanism that is developed before birth. Thumb sucking is usually stopped by two to four years, but in some kids, it continues beyond that. Thumb sucking has a deleterious effect on the teeth and should be intervened as early as possible.

In this blog, we will be discussing the effects this habit can have on your teeth and ways to effectively manage it- brought to you by The Dental Solutions NABH

Effects of thumb sucking: Thumb Sucking Treatment Thane

  • Not every type of thumb sucking has a bad effect on the teeth; like passively keeping the thumb inside the mouth without any movement has no effect.
  • The children who continue with this habit for a longer duration and with more vigorous intensity are at more risk of having ill effects.
  • When the child moves the thumb vigorously, it affects the position of baby teeth. Persistent thumb-sucking habits can also affect the permanent teeth’ position.
  • Vigorous thumb sucking can affect the shape of the roof of the mouth and jaws along with the movement of teeth
  • Constant thumb sucking makes your child more prone to infections as the thumbs, and the nails are the sites of holding germs 
  • The long-term effect of thumb sucking causes increases horizontal overlap of the teeth. It makes the teeth move forward, changing the whole facial structure
  • The change in the bite makes the child prone to pen bite and gum diseases
  • There can be issues with speech development as well as the open bite may cause lisping problems
  • The facial deformity may induce skeletal changes that may be hard to correct as the child continues to grow.
  • Early intervention in the form of Thumb sucking treatment Majiwada hence becomes crucial to stop the habit as early as possible

Management of thumb sucking: Thumb Sucking Treatment Thane

Talk to your child

Sometimes kids do not know that there are certain habits like thumb-sucking they need to outgrow. Opening a dialogue with them will help them understand the negative effects it has on their dental health

Observe the patterns

If your child uses thumb sucking as a soothing mechanism before bedtime, then replacing it with some other relaxation technique might help. Other mindfulness activities might be useful if the child uses this as a coping mechanism when sad or angry. Learning about the triggers will help you better cope with the habit.

Offer rewards

Offering rewards give them the motivation to quit this habit. Doing this repeatedly will eventually help them quit.

Apply nail paint

Applying nail polish or any liquid that is bitter will negatively reinforce the habit due to the taste associated with it.

Use a finger guard

Using a finger guard or a finger shield will disrupt the habit with a physical barrier.

Bring them to us

Bringing them to Dental solutions Thane will help our experts talk with them to understand the root cause of this behavior. There are many appliances available for thumb-sucking treatment Majiwada. Early intervention will save you time, energy, and money in the future.