Crooked Teeth? Not Anymore: Teeth Straightening Treatment Thane

Crooked Teeth? Not Anymore: Teeth Straightening Treatment Thane

Worried about crooked teeth? Straight teeth are not just for aesthetics; they also have several other benefits. Fixing your bite can solve many more problems than you can probably think of. In the information below, we will discuss the benefits and various options of Teeth Straightening Treatment Thane.

Benefits of getting teeth straightened: Teeth Straightening Treatment Thane.

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean and thus prevent tooth decay and gum diseases
  • Crooked teeth can cause uneven pressure on your teeth and jaw muscles. Straight teeth do not cause wear and tear of the teeth, jaw muscles, or TMJ.
  • Straight teeth and proper occlusion mean better eating and chewing ability
  • Food digestion starts from the mouth itself, so better chewing means better digestion leading to enhanced general health
  • An improper bite can sometimes lead to temporomandibular disorders with pain in the neck and the head region. Straight teeth with a proper bite can help relieve such kinds of pain.

Are crooked teeth hereditary: Teeth Straightening Treatment Majiwada

In a way, yes! Genetics plays an essential role in determining your teeth’ shape, size, and alignment. So if you have crooked teeth, it might be hereditary, but there are other causes of such misalignments, like – childhood habits, trauma, and birth defects.

What are my options for straightening: Teeth Straightening Treatment Thane

Metal braces

The traditional way of straightening your crooked teeth is using metal braces. They use brackets applied onto the tooth with a wired network that pulls the teeth into a more desired location. Braces are applied to the tooth’s outer surface, and wires are passed through them. Various types of elastics are used to move the teeth by applying pressure on the crooked teeth. It is the most effective way of treating misaligned teeth and can be used to correct any kind of misalignment.

Lingual braces

Also known as inside braces, lingual braces are applied onto the teeth’ inside surface. They are customized as per the case to ensure their effectiveness when compared with other alternatives. These braces are hidden inside the mouth but sometimes can be difficult to adjust due to tongue interference for some individuals. 

Ceramic braces

Instead of the metal braces, ceramic is used in a similar fashion with less visibility. The effectiveness of the ceramic braces is similar to the metal braces; however, the individual has to be more careful while taking care of the braces as they are brittle and tend to break often.

Clear aligners

The latest way of teeth straightening treatment Majiwada is using plastic trays to correct the misaligned teeth. They are removable sets of plates to be worn sequentially to move the teeth. Compliance on the part of the patient is crucial while planning clear aligners as they are not fixed, unlike other forms of teeth straightening treatment Thane.

Can crooked teeth be straightened at any age:  Teeth Straightening Treatment Majiwada

Yes, the crooked teeth can be straightened at any age, but the time taken and other complications associated with Teeth straightening treatment Thane increases as the age advances. It is suggested to report the misalignment issue at the earliest as the children’s bones are not as calcified as adults, so it is easier to do the teeth movement.