Why and How of Teeth Cleaning: Teeth Cleaning Cost Thane

What is Teeth Cleaning: Teeth Cleaning Cost Thane

Dental health is not just about the teeth but also about the health of the supporting tissues like gums. Teeth cleaning Cost Thane ranges from Rs 1200 to Rs 3000, depending on the type of scaling done and the severity of the plaque accumulation. Professional teeth cleaning by our experts in Majiwada is of two kinds- regular and deep teeth cleaning.

In the information below, we will briefly discuss the whys and hows of the teeth cleaning- brought to you by The Dental Solutions, Thane and Majiwada.

Three signs that you need teeth cleaning: Teeth Cleaning Cost Thane

Gums are swollen and red

Gums and other supporting structures are essential in keeping the teeth safely anchored in the normal position. When the gums get infected, they become swollen or red. Slowly the disease spreads from the gum tissue towards the other supporting tissues leading to mobile teeth. 

You have bad breath

Regular toothbrushing is insufficient to clean plaque and calcified deposits from the teeth. These deposits attract bacteria leading to bad breath from the mouth. Bad breath or halitosis clearly shows that you must get a professional cleaning done.

Teeth have become sensitive

Tooth sensitivity can be due to tooth decay, eroded enamel, or gum problems. To rule out the cause of tooth sensitivity, report timely to your doctor and get regular cleanings done.

Consequences of not getting teeth cleaning: Teeth Cleaning Cost Thane

Regular teeth cleaning is advised to avoid the following problems-

  • Increased risk of gum diseases
  • Tooth cavities may go unnoticed
  • Regular dental screenings get delayed
  • You spend more time on emergency dental visits

Procedure for teeth cleaning

Dental examination

A thorough dental examination is the first step of any dental cleaning. In this step, our doctors will clinically evaluate your teeth and gums to assess your dental health score. Based on your score, a customized treatment plan will be formulated. The number of sittings and duration for each sitting will be decided based on the severity of the condition.

Cleaning the teeth

The next step is cleaning the teeth. A dental scaler is an instrument used to clean the deposits from the teeth. The entire process is painless, but you may feel the vibration of the scaler. 

Administration of anesthesia

Anesthesia is not required for regular teeth cleaning, but if there are deposits below the gums line, then the procedure of deep cleaning is carried out under local anesthesia.

Gums cleaning

Gum cleaning is the deep teeth cleaning where the area under the gum line is cleaned with the scaler. Removing the harmful bacteria promotes the reattachment of the gums with the teeth.

How often do you need teeth cleaning

Our experts at The Dental Solutions, Thane and Majiwada, recommend teeth cleaning every six months. However, every individual is different with unique dental needs, and it is essential to schedule your dental examination with our team to plan your case.

Factors determining Teeth Cleaning Cost Thane

Various factors determine the teeth cleaning cost Thane like-

  • The complexity of the case
  • The severity of the plaque deposits
  • Number of visits required for complete cleaning
  • The extent of the disease progression
  • Systemic health of the patient
  • Any special consideration like allergies or any medications
  • Any additional procedure required