All about Single Visit Root Canal Treatment – Single Sitting RCT Thane

What is Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment? – Single Sitting RCT Thane

Tooth decay is the most common cause of damage to the nerves and vessels of the teeth. The damage can spread and lead to infection, which can cause immense pain. Single-sitting RCT is a procedure done to save this tooth from further damage by cleaning the infected portion and filling it in one sitting. The single-visit RCT helps seal the tooth in one appointment, reducing reinfection risk. The whole procedure takes around 45 mins to 60 mins and is done under the effect of anesthesia. Our root canal specialists at The Dental Solutions Thane, under the supervision of our head dentist, Dr. Ravi Goyal, regularly carry out all the complex procedures. 

Each case is different, and the time duration may differ depending on the complexity of the root canal. The exact details regarding the time and cost can be calculated after a detailed clinical examination by our chief dentist, Dr. Ravi Goyal.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the advantages, indications, and procedure of single sitting root canal treatment- brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane.

Indications of single sitting root canal treatment? – Single Sitting RCT Thane

There are many indications of single-sitting root canal treatment, some of which are listed below.

  • When the aesthetic is compromised, like-cracked front tooth or a chipped-off tooth fragment.
  • You have extreme teeth sensitivity that is not managed by other means.
  • There is an acute infection
  • No pus accumulation around the tooth.
  • Your teeth have undergone repeated dental procedures in the same tooth, compromising the strength, and dental crowns are indicated.
  • The teeth need to be used as over-denture abutments or for crowns
  • There is no swelling or pus discharge around the teeth

Advantages of Single Sitting RCT – Single Sitting RCT Thane

The significant advantages of single-visit RCT over multiple sittings are-

  • There is no difference in the cost of single sitting root canal compared with multiple sitting RCT
  • It reduces the chances of bacterial re-infection in the root canal, which would lead to contamination if the treatment time were prolonged.
  • Less time consuming 
  • Energy saving process
  • A good option for people with TMJ problems
  • Reduce chances of post-treatment flare-ups 
  • Quick recovery time.

Single sitting Root canal treatment Procedure

  • The first step is a clinical examination and radiographic analysis of the case.
  • The tooth is given anesthesia before starting the RCT treatment
  • The tooth cavity is then prepared by removing all the infected and damaged teeth or the previous filling material to access the nerves and blood vessels
  • The pulp chamber is opened to gain access to the nerves and vessels
  • Then disinfection and shaping of the canals are done using special equipment called files
  • The canals are completely cleaned to achieve complete disinfection.
  • The canals are then sealed and filled with an inert rubber-like filling material called gutta percha to eliminate the chances of reinfection.
  • Post-treatment, a dental crown or a permanent restoration is planned to save the tooth from fracture.