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Benefits of Tek Scan Thane 

Tek Scan Thane has various benefits when it comes to customizing any dental treatment plan. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the significant benefits- brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane – T Scan Thane.

Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

One of the primary benefits is its ability to offer correct and exact data about an affected person’s bite force distribution. This record permits dental specialists to more precisely diagnose the root cause of dental conditions. Whether figuring out the cause of dental pain, pinpointing areas of immoderate pressure, or detecting strange biting patterns. It empowers our The Dental Solutions Thane team to develop tailor-made plans for everyone. 

Optimized Dental Restorations

Dental restorations, like crowns, bridges, and fillings, require precise modifications to ensure a proper fit and alignment with the natural tooth. Tek Scan Thane aids in achieving the best results by accurately measuring the bite force. With the proper data, our chief dentist, Dr. Ravi Goyal, can make the necessary modifications for the longevity of the prosthesis. There are conditions when there is recurrent dislodgment of dental fillings where Tek Scan Thane has proven to be instrumental in recognizing the exact cause of recurrent failure. 

Effective Treatment of TMD 

Temporomandibular Dysfunction can cause jaw pain with limitation of jaw movements. The pain can be associated with headaches and referred pain in the ears or temple region. It helps determine the root cause of TMD by calculating the bite force accurately. If the bite force is more, it can cause teeth damage and hurt the jaw joint in the long run. Based on the results, Dr. Ravi Goyal can incorporate devices that can help reduce the bite force and relieve the tension on the TMJ.

Enhanced Treatment for Chronic Myofascial Pain Disorder

Chronic Myofascial Pain Disorder (CMPD) can lead to chronic muscle aches and pain in the jaw place. Tek Scan Thane aids in the prognosis and remedy of CMPD through Disocclusion Time Reduction (DTR) therapy.

Effective Management of Headaches 

Some headaches, such as migraines, may have dental origins, including malocclusions or bite-associated problems. It can effectively manage these chronic headaches by helping us incorporate suitable strategies to alter bite changes.

Prevention of Dental Complications

An unsuitable bite can result in numerous dental headaches over time. Excessive biting pressure can harm dental restorations, damage the natural enamel, and put pressure on the jaw muscles. 

Improved Comfort and Chewing Function

A properly-balanced and nicely aligned bite is important for comfortable chewing and speaking. Tek Scan Thane allows dentists to modify the occlusion. This outcome improves chewing performance and the ability to eat and speak.

Objective Bite Force Measurement

Tek Scan Thane accurately measures bite pressure, doing away with the subjective nature of conventional chew evaluation methods and the usage of articulating paper. These objective facts complement the accuracy of treatment plans, reducing the want for trial and mistakes modifications.

Enhanced Patient Communication

With the visible illustration of bite pressure information on a digital display screen, Tek Scan Thane permits us to communicate effectively with patients. Patients can better apprehend their occlusion and the need for any essential modifications.

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