What is tooth extraction: Painless Tooth Extractions Thane

Painless Tooth Extractions Thane

Painless tooth extractions Thane – The primary aim of every dentist is to save the tooth involved with tooth decay. In some cases, when saving the tooth is not possible, tooth extraction is indicated. Extraction is the most feared procedure in dentistry because of the notion of it being painful. Painless tooth extraction Thane removes the tooth from its socket when there is extensive decay, or the tooth is damaged beyond repair. Our team of highly skilled oral surgeons at The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic is available for doing the extractions painlessly. Our team of dentists is proficient enough to handle all kinds of complicated tooth extractions and perform them painlessly, keeping in mind the sterilization protocols.

The information below briefly discusses the types of painless tooth extractions Thane- brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic.

Types of tooth extraction: Painless Tooth Extractions Majiwada

  • There are mainly two types of tooth extractions – simple and surgical tooth extractions. Both procedures are done after making the tissue numb using local anesthesia. The effect of anesthesia lasts throughout the surgery, making it an entirely painless experience. Simple tooth extraction is when some portion of the tooth is visible in the mouth and can be manipulated with the instruments for easy removal. Surgical tooth extraction is when there is bone removal involved to expose the hidden tooth portion for easy retrieval.
  • The most common surgical tooth extraction is wisdom tooth surgery. It is a minor surgical procedure in which the impacted third molar is removed from the jawbones.
  • The recovery times of the simple and surgical painless tooth extractions Thane are different. A surgical extraction will take a little longer to heal completely due to the bone removal.
  • The general dental practitioners can easily carry out simple tooth extractions; however, for surgical painless tooth extractions Thane, we have our team of oral surgeons available at The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic.

When is wisdom tooth extraction indicated: Painless Tooth Extractions Thane

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that usually erupt between the age of 18 to 24 yrs. Due to the lack of space in the jawbones, the wisdom teeth often remain impacted inside the bone. Removing all wisdom teeth is unnecessary; however, a few signs to watch out for indicating wisdom tooth removal.

  • Swelling around the soft tissue covering the tooth
  • Recurrent pain in the area of the impacted tooth
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Referred pain in the ear and head
  • Damage to the adjacent teeth
  • Sinus infection in cases of maxillary molars
  • Formation of a cyst or fluid-filled cavity
  • Fowl smell due to the pus formation

How do you prepare for Painless Tooth Extractions, Thane?

Preparing for tooth extraction is essential as it can affect recovery. A few things must be kept in mind when planning for painless tooth extractions Thane.

  • Always tell your medical history to your dentist.
  • If there are any medicines that you are regularly taking, it is essential to inform your treating surgeon about them.
  • Do not go empty stomach for the extraction.
  • Always follow the post extraction instructions for a speedy recovery
  • If you have a respiratory problem like asthma, it is crucial to carry your inhaler 

Is the extraction a painful procedure: Painless Tooth Extractions Majiwada

Contrary to the common notion amongst common people, the tooth extraction procedure is entirely painless. However, you might feel the sensation of your tooth getting pulled out of the mouth. The feeling of slight pressure during the process is normal and expected.

Aftercare of Painless Tooth Extractions Thane

  • Do not spit for 24 hrs after the extraction.
  • Take some soft diet for an initial couple of days to allow socket healing
  • Do not chew from the side where extraction is done
  • Minor bleeding from the site of extraction is normal. Report to your surgeon if there is heavy bleeding from the site.
  • Take all the medications as prescribed.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol as it may hamper the healing
  • Avoid touching the extraction space with your tongue
  • Do ice pack compressions from outside for the first 24hrs to prevent swelling.

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