What are Clear Aligners and Invisalign: Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Thane

For correction of misaligned teeth, the traditional braces are made of metal and are fixed onto teeth. Unlike braces, clear aligners are plastic trays that fit snugly onto your teeth to exert pressure to move them into their desired location. Invisalign therapy has several advantages over traditional braces. Clear aligners and Invisalign in Thane are used to correct the misalignment issues and bring the crooked teeth into a more favorable position. 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Thane- brought to you by  The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic.

Benefits of Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Majiwada

  • Clear transparent plates are nearly invisible, making them highly aesthetic.
  • Highly comfortable as there is minimal irritation to the gums and cheeks
  • Easy to remove and wear
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene because of their removable nature
  • There are no dietary restrictions with clear aligners and Invisalign
  • The user can carry out day-to-day activities with ease
  • The treatment is a bit faster with Invisalign
  • There is less number of visits required to the dentist during the treatment.
  • The entire treatment is painless.

Who is the right candidate for Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Thane

The right candidate for clear aligners and Invisalign in Thane is the one who has-

Good oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for the movement of the teeth. If there is plaque accumulation, it leads to gum disease and spreads the infection to the supporting tissues. When the teeth become mobile due to the involvement of supporting tissues, it becomes challenging to move them with clear aligners.

All the permanent teeth present

All the permanent teeth are essential for the movement of misaligned teeth into the desired position. If there are missing teeth, it becomes difficult to make the necessary changes in the position of the teeth due to a lack of optimum support.

Simple malocclusion

Invisalign or clear aligners therapy is used to treat simple misalignment cases. If there is a severe malocclusion, it requires other forms of treatment like braces.

No smoking or habit of tobacco chewing: Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Thane

The plates tend to become dirty if the individual has a habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. The effective movement is hampered if the person takes the plate out frequently for smoking or chewing tobacco.

Procedure for Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Thane

Clinical examination

The first and foremost step is careful clinical examination. Our team of doctors will do a digital scan to evaluate your case.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

After the examination, a diagnosis is made to find your eligibility for the clear aligners therapy. Customized treatment planning is done as per your dental needs.

Impression making

After the treatment plan is ready, the impression is taken for fabricating the aligner plates.

Receiving your Clear aligners

You will get the set of plates that has to be worn sequentially. Each set of plates is designed to move your teeth to a certain distance.

What happens during the treatment: Clear Aligners and Invisalign in Majiwada

Effect on speech

In the initial days of wearing the plates, the user may find it challenging to speak efficiently. It takes a few days to get used to the plates, and there will be a lisp initially. 

Mild discomfort

Slight discomfort is expected during the clear aligners or Invisalign therapy as the teeth move in the bone to their desired location. You might feel a sense of stretching when the teeth movement happens.

Specific aftercare routine

Since the clear aligner plates are removable, it is crucial to maintain them. A specific aftercare routine is to be followed for the Invisalign therapy. Apart from maintaining the plates, it is equally necessary to maintain optimum oral hygiene.

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