Causes and Cure and Treatment of Root Fracture

What are root fractures: Root Fracture Treatment Thane

The portion of the tooth visible inside the mouth is called the crown, and the one inside the bone is called the root. Root fracture can be of various types and is caused due to multiple reasons. The symptoms of the fracture may vary depending on the degree of severity of the fracture. The root fractures are a bit challenging when deciding the treatment as they are fracture lines, and the extent of the fracture is not determined. Our expert surgeons at The Dental solutions, Thane and Majiwada, are trained to treat all root fractures. The information provided below will briefly discuss the causes, types, and treatment for the root fracture- brought to you by The Dental solutions, Thane and Majiwada.

Causes of root fractures: Root Fracture Treatment Thane

  • Blunt trauma due to the direct impact of heavy forces like road traffic injury or fistfight
  • Teeth are at high risk of fractures when used as tools to pen kits or packages.
  • Large dental fillings are done at the expense of sacrificing a lot of tooth structure
  • Sudden changes in the temperature in the mouth are also a potential reason for root fractures.
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding
  • Direct trauma to the tooth on biting hard objects like nuts or raw hard vegetables
  • Contact Sports injuries

Symptoms of root fracture: Root Fracture Treatment Thane

Some fractures won’t show any signs, and a few will show the symptoms only when it is infected. Therefore, diagnosing a root fracture is difficult due to the absence of prominent symptoms. The fractures might go unnoticed due to lack of symptoms, so regular dental checkups at The Dental Solutions, Thane, and Majiwada become even more critical.

A few common symptoms of root fracture are mentioned below:

  • Pain or discomfort while chewing 
  • The nature of pain is not continuous but spontaneous sharp
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet food items is also experienced by some individuals
  • Swelling and pain in the gums around the involved tooth
  • Development of deep pockets around the tooth

Root Fracture Treatment Thane

  • The root fracture treatment Thane mainly depends on the root fracture’s type and severity. The extent of the fracture line is determined by a careful clinical examination and radiographical analysis. Sometimes the X-rays are not enough to diagnose the presence, and a transillumination test with a dye is used to determine the fracture line. 
  • Our experts at The dental solutions Thane and Majiwada have vast experience diagnosing all kinds of root fractures. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the prognosis, as the treatment plan depends on it.
  • The principal treatment protocol for root fracture is preserving the vitality of the tooth while relieving the pain. If preservation of the vitality is not possible, then tooth extraction is suggested immediately to avoid developing a chronic infection that might harm the surrounding bone.
  • The treatment suggested for preservation is root canal treatment. It is an entirely painless treatment done to eliminate toxic bacteria and other potential sources of infection.