How much does Root Fracture Treatment costs?

What are root fractures: Root Fracture Treatment Cost Thane

The root portion of the tooth is the one that is not visible in the mouth, and the part visible is called the crown. Crown fracture is more common and less complicated to treat. The root fracture is a bit more challenging to treat than the crown fracture because of its inconspicuous nature. The severity and extent of the fracture line determine the type of treatment modality deployed to cure the fracture. Root Fracture Treatment Cost Thane mainly depends on the type of treatment given for the fracture. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the types of root fractures, common causes, and treatment options available- brought to you by The Dental Solutions, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane, and Majiwada.

Types of root fracture: Root Fracture Treatment Cost Thane

Vertical root fracture

This type of fracture line extends from the root toward the chewing surface of the teeth. They are challenging to diagnose and may go unnoticed till you get the symptoms. Therefore a timely diagnosis is crucial to the prognosis of successful root fracture treatment.

Horizontal root fracture

This type of fracture is most common in sports injuries. The closer the fracture line is to the root apex, the more favorable your chances of a successful root fracture treatment.

Common causes of root fracture: Root Fracture Treatment Cost Thane

  • Direct trauma due to accident or injury
  • When used to open packages, teeth are prone to fracture
  • Biting onto hard food items like nuts, ice, and raw vegetables
  • Parafunctional habits like biting onto pens or pencils
  • Teeth clenching or grinding
  • Abrupt changes in the temperature 
  • Sports injuries 
  • Extensive decay 

Symptoms of root fracture

  • Pain or discomfort while chewing
  • Noncontinuous or spontaneous pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food items
  • Pain and swelling in the soft tissue around the tooth
  • Infection around the roots of the tooth 
  • Development of deep pockets around the tooth
  • The presence of a draining sinus indicates an infected tooth.

Treatment of root fracture: Root Fracture Treatment Cost Thane

The treatment of the root fracture is mainly dependent on the extent and severity of the root fracture. Root canal treatment is the most common treatment modality in which the infected tooth is treated by draining the abscess and packing it with medicaments. The root canal treatment is deployed to preserve the tooth. 

In cases where the preservation of tooth structure is not feasible, then removal of the tooth is suggested by our experts at The Dental Solutions, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane, and Majiwada. Our team of surgeons does the extraction under the effect of local anesthesia in an entirely painless manner. The root fracture treatment cost depends on the surgery’s difficulty level according to the fracture line’s level.

How to prevent root fracture: Root Fracture Treatment Cost Thane

  • Avoid parafunctional habits
  • Use a mouthguard when playing contact sports
  • In cases of susceptible teeth where the structure is weak and extensively damaged, it is essential to get them protected with dental crowns.
  • Use a night guard in case you have the habit of teeth grinding
  • Regular followups and checkups with your dentist are a must for early diagnosis.