Everything you need to know before planning Pterygoid Implants Thane

What are Pterygoid Implants? :Pterygoid Implants Thane

There are certain cases in which the traditional implant system is not feasible and bound to fail for various reasons. Pterygoid Implants Thane is one of the most advanced methods of implant placement systems that is a solution for such cases. Traditional implants require stable bone support for their success as they draw their support and anchorage from it. 

Several factors govern the replacement of missing teeth, and the most important factor is the presence of sound bone structure to support and replace missing teeth.

Our experts at The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, suggest using pterygoid implants after carefully examining the case to check for its eligibility. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the pterygoid Implants Thane and learn about the benefits of these new-age implants- brought to you by The Dental Solutions, Majiwada

When do we plan for Pterygoid Implants Thane?

  • You have single or multiple missing teeth in the upper jaw
  • The bone density of the upper jaw is not suitable to support traditional implants
  • When the maxillary bone is severely atrophied, and the bone tissue is not enough
  • When you want a single sitting or immediate Implants and want a less invasive procedure

Benefits of Pterygoid Implants Thane

  • The pterygoid implants are a minimally invasive, safe, and painless procedure
  • It is an excellent alternative to bone grafting procedures as there is not much requirement for bone tissue to support the pterygoid implants
  • The pterygoid implants surgery heals faster than grafting procedures or sinus lift surgery
  • They require less number of visits to the dentist as they can be immediately loaded and completed in a single sitting
  • Excellent choice for the atrophied upper jawbone and where grafting procedure is not feasible

Procedure for implant placement

  • The first step is the expert consultation with our Implant specialists at The Dental Solutions, Thane, where you can discuss all your concerns and queries
  • The clinical examination is followed by the radiographic analysis, where you will be advised for the CT scan or CBCT analysis to understand the bone density better. The detailed analysis helps in formulating the customized treatment plan.
  • The implants take support from the pterygoid plates that lie behind the maxillary tuberosity. The approach to placing the implants is through the tuberosity with a minimally invasive technique. The process is completed in a single sitting and is entirely painless.
  • The pterygoid implants improve the retention and stability of the prosthesis and last for a very long time without requiring any re-treatments

Aftercare protocol: Pterygoid Implants Thane

  • It is normal to have slight swelling and discomfort during the initial days of recovery, so it is advised to take all the medicines as suggested by our team and do ice pack compressions to reduce the swelling.
  • Switch to a soft diet for a few days and avoid hot and spicy food items
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for a faster healing process
  • Do not skip follow-up visits as they are important to note the healing
  • Avoid touching the surgical site as it can lead to infection