Preventive Child Dentistry is it a Myth?

Are you aware of The Importance of Children’s Preventative Dentistry

You probably felt the same way as many other parents when you first held your baby in your arms. Your maternal instincts probably kicked in, and you felt compelled to protect this new infant. That parenting instinct has most likely migrated to every facet of your life, which is fantastic! Did you ever consider that the same instincts should apply to your child’s dental care? We frequently overlook the importance of caring for our own teeth, let alone the teeth of our children. However, one of the most important things you can do to preserve your child’s overall health is to provide them with preventative dentistry.


What’s the big deal about it?

What exactly is the big deal about sending your children to the dentist on a regular basis? Isn’t it true that their baby teeth will fall out and be replaced with adult teeth? Many parents, unfortunately, use this logic to justify avoiding taking their children to the dentist. This is harmful and can impair your child’s oral health in the long run! Oral care for your child should begin as soon as they obtain their first tooth. When you begin early, you secure a lifetime of good oral health free of dental issues. What Is the Definition of Preventative Dentistry? Preventative dentistry is a term that many new parents are unfamiliar with.


Dr. Purvi Goyal with special interest in child dentistry, has one goal in mind: to keep her child patients mouth free of tooth decay and other oral health issues. Preventative pediatric dentistry seeks to maintain your child’s teeth free from plaque accumulation, gum disease and tooth decay before any significant treatments are needed. You are protecting your child in a way that has positive consequences across his or her entire body by avoiding problems from ever occurring. Because poor dental health can lead to other health issues in your child’s body, preventing disorders provides a more comprehensive level of protection.


What Is Preventative Dentistry and What Does It Entail?

Prevention may appear to be a time-consuming and difficult effort. Oral illness and tooth decay are, on the other hand, far easier to prevent than they are to treat. We urge that you bring your child to the clinic, The Dental Solutions at least once every six months, just like we prescribe for adults, in order to provide the finest preventative dentistry for them. This allows us to detect issues early on and treat them before they become full-fledged difficulties requiring expensive therapy. An examination and a professional cleaning are usually the two main components of preventative dentistry. During the dental exam, we’ll look inside your child’s mouth to see how his or her teeth are developing.


It’s critical that we check your child’s teeth for optimum development. We frequently take X-rays as well to keep track of things and get a complete picture. After that, there’s the professional cleaning. We use our advanced dental technology to eliminate plaque buildup and teach your child how to develop good oral practises during the cleaning. Finally, your child leaves with clean teeth, and you leave knowing that your child’s mouth is in good shape.

Make an Appointment Right Now

Don’t panic if you’ve fallen behind on your child’s dental treatment. You can always make up for lost time, but don’t put it off any longer. It’s critical that you schedule a dentist visit for your child right away.

It’s important to remember that preventing dental problems is always easier—and less expensive—than treating them. Your Idaho Falls dentist is always accepting new patients and can assist members of your family ranging in age from one to 99.

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