Painless Dentistry – Painless Dental Treatment Thane

Painless Dental Anesthesia technique – Painless Dental Treatment Thane

Use of Numbing sprays and gels

We at The Dental Solutions Thane believe in delivering a painless experience. With the availability of numbing gels and sprays, our team of dentists ensures that your level of discomfort is minimized. The anesthetic gels and sprays are used to numb the mucosa at the site of local anesthesia injection. Our chief dentists, Dr. Ravi Goyal and Dr. Purvi Goyal, ensure that you get a comfortable experience during the injection of local anesthesia before any procedure.

Other methods of sedation

Other ways of sedation, like laughing gas and conscious sedation, are used for a pain-free experience. These methods effectively manage kids and relieve their anxiety before the treatment. The white coat fear is combated by adopting other behavioral means of managing the kids.

Painless Root canal treatment – Painless Dental Treatment Thane

Root canal treatment is a standard procedure performed at The Dental Solutions Thane to save the infected tooth. The procedure can be done in single or multiple sittings depending on the severity of the infection. The root canal procedure is done under local anesthesia to make it entirely painless. It is a common notion that RCT is a painful process; instead, it is a method to relieve the pain caused by infection. 

Our chief dentists, Dr. Ravi Goyal and Dr. Purvi Goyal ensure that we at The Dental Solutions Thane use various newer technologies like Endomotor and Apex locator to make RCT fast and more successful.

In cases of severe infections where the standard local anesthesia injections will not be sufficient, other means of making the tooth numb, like intra-ligamentary injections, intrapulpal injections, and intraosseous injections, are used.

Painless and comfortable impressions post root canal treatment for the fabrication of dental crowns are made using dental scanners. The digital impressions reduce the discomfort of the patient by eliminating the risk of gag reflex and are helpful in patients with reduced mouth opening. 

Painless teeth extraction – Painless Dental Treatment Thane

Tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth entirely from the socket under local anesthesia. The tooth extraction procedure can be nonsurgical or surgical, depending upon the difficulty level of the extraction. Local anesthesia is administered with various techniques to ensure painless removal. Our expert oral surgeons practice the principles of atraumatic extractions to ensure painless removal. 

Dental Lasers – Painless Dental Treatment Thane

Dental Lasers are a painless and bloodless way of doing various dental procedures. 

Lasers can be used for teeth whitening, tooth decay removal, and cavities detection. The laser can also be used to remove small lesions and do biopsies. The main advantage of Lasers is that it allows faster healing and a more comfortable experience for the patient. 

Painless Orthodontic treatment 

Braces treatment or orthodontic treatment is done to treat the misaligned teeth. To correct the misalignment, the teeth are shifted in the jawbones by applying constant force onto the teeth. The pressure can be applied by braces or using clear aligner therapy. The forces applied are not painful and cause remodeling changes in the surrounding areas of the teeth.