Everything about Orthodontic Retainers – Orthodontic Retainer Treatment Thane

What is an Orthodontic retainer? – Orthodontic Retainer Treatment Thane

After your braces alignment treatment, the teeth tend to return to their original position. Teeth retainers are custom-made devices you wear to keep them in their new position – Orthodontic Retainer Treatment Thane

What do retainers do for your teeth? – Orthodontic Retainer Treatment Thane

Once the treatment is complete, the teeth are not entirely set in their new location. This happens until the supporting tissues, and the bone gets used to the changed position. With everyday use, the chewing forces applied to the teeth try to shift the teeth back. This shifting back is prevented by orthodontic retainers. The braces help move the teeth to their new location by applying continuous pressure, and retainers help keep them in their new location till the bone around them is firm to hold them naturally.

What are the different types of teeth retainers? – Orthodontic Retainer Treatment Thane

There are mainly two types of orthodontic retainers- fixed and removable retainers. The choice of retainer is decided after a complete examination by our head dentist, Dr. Ravi Goyal, at The Dental Solutions Thane

Fixed or permanent retainers stay on your teeth with a special bonding agent, and they can’t be removed without the help of your doctor. They are often used on the upper and lower front teeth. 

Removable retainers are the ones that the user can easily remove. Our team, headed by Dr. Ravi Goyal at The Dental Solutions Thane, customizes them as per your current dental condition. 

What are the benefits of using a retainer?

When the braces are taken off, your teeth are in a perfectly aligned new state. Using a dental retainer helps you keep them in their new position. With the long-term use of the dental retainer, the bone around the teeth is consolidated around the new location. The main advantage of using a retainer is that it ensures that all the hard work of braces treatment pays off.

What happens if you don’t wear my retainer?

It is natural for the teeth to move back to their original location. If you do not wear the retainer as instructed by our team at The Dental Solutions Thane, your teeth may shift back to their original misaligned state over time. You might also develop an overbite condition, and correcting the misaligned teeth might be more challenging to correct the misaligned teeth this time.

Is the treatment painful?

The retainer treatment is entirely painless. The orthodontic retainers do not apply pressure onto the teeth as they are not used for movement. Retainers are customized as per your new dental status, and the plates fit snugly to hold your teeth. You may feel slight discomfort if:

  • You stop wearing the retainer for some time and start wearing them again
  • Your retainer is cracked or broken

How long do you have to wear a retainer?

The total duration of retainer treatment depends on your initial misalignment and susceptibility to return to the original state. Generally speaking, you will be asked to wear the retainer full-time for four to six months.