Benefits you need to know of drinking water on Oral Health Thane

Benefits of Drinking – Oral Health Thane

We all know the benefits of drinking a gallon of water on our general health. But do you know that drinking water has several benefits on Oral health Thane. The human body is made up of 70 percent water, and loss of even 2 percent water can lead to different impairments in function like brain activities, triggering headaches and migraines

In the information provided below, we will discuss the benefits of drinking water on Oral Health Thane- brought to you by Dental Solutions, Thane.

It helps strengthen the teeth

Most of the community water supply is fluoridated, so the optimum amount of fluorides help strengthen the enamel of the teeth. Enamel is the first layer of the tooth, and the fluoride in the water reacts with the chemical constituent of enamel to form a hard complex with it. This fluoride-enamel complex is resistant to caries and helps in strengthening the teeth.

Keeps the mouth clean

When we drink soft drinks, it leaves traces of sugar content on the surface of the teeth. This sugar is consumed by the bacteria that makes acid dissolve the tooth’s hard enamel. In contrast, when we drink water, it does not have any sugar content; moreover, it washes away the teeth’ surface from the residual food particles and other deposits, limiting the growth of bacteria.

Prevents bad breath

Did you notice that your mouth smells different first thing in the morning? The dryness in the mouth leads to a foul smell in the mouth. Water helps keep the mouth moist and cleans the surface from the deposits that lead to bacterial growth. It promotes oral health by not allowing the deposit formation of plaque in the first place.

It prevents drying of the mouth

Saliva in the mouth acts as a defense against tooth decay. Saliva not only washes away the tooth surface but also has calcium and phosphorous that acts as a buffer against dental caries. A dry mouth is a condition that promotes caries, and water helps promote oral health by not allowing the mouth to become dehydrated.

How to drink more water: Oral Health Thane

Always carry your water bottle wherever you go and ensure you keep sipping from it throughout the day.

Set a target of consuming 250ml water every hour and keep track of how many hours you have completed the target successfully

Make a habit of sipping water throughout rather than gulping it at once

Never drink water along with your meals but instead have it post-meal approximately 30 mins after the food