Nutrition and Dental Health: A link you must know

How nutrition impacts oral and general health

You are what you eat; this is a prevalent saying we all must have heard, and we at the best dental clinic in thane also believe in this. It simply means that the food we eat directly affects our bodies. Our general health is governed by the quality of food we eat and how well our body can digest and assimilate the nutrition out of it plays a crucial part.

Did you know that the digestion process starts as soon as you start chewing your food in the mouth? Certain enzymes are present in the saliva, which helps begin the digestion process when the teeth start chewing the food.

Just like your nutrition status is affected by your oral health, similarly, the diet you eat impacts your dental and general health.

We will discuss the link between your dental health, nutrition, and general health in the information below.

How does your diet affect your oral health?

Your oral health is more than just your smile and maintaining good oral health requires effort. Apart from regular brushing and cleaning, your diet plays a significant role in determining the status of your dental health.

What diet you consume and how frequently you have your meals play a major role in shaping excellent oral health.

List of items you must include

  • Citrus fruits that have high vitamin C, which is essential for your gums
  • Milk and milk products that are rich in calcium, phosphorous, and protein content
  • Omega-3 rich foods like nuts, flax seeds
  • Sugar-free drinks 

List of things to avoid

  • Simple sugars
  • Highly sweetened snacks
  • Sugar loaded breakfast items
  • Frequent in between the meals snacking

How does your dental health impact your nutrition status?

Dental health comprises the health of your teeth and supporting structures like gums and surrounding bone. The stronger your teeth and their supporting structures are, the better they will chew the food you eat. 

The digestion process starts in the mouth itself with the enzyme present in your saliva.

Improper chewing and lack of ability to break the food well can hamper the process of digestion. There is a powerful connection between your dental health and your nutrition status.

Regular cleaning at a dental office will help you clean the deposits which are difficult to clean by brushing at home.

General tips for healthier teeth and gums:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day, especially at night after your last meal
  • Avoid in-between meals snacking
  • Use water to rinse your mouth after you eat if brushing is not possible
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste for brushing
  • Regular use of mouthwash and dental floss should be an adjunct to regular brushing
  • Visit your dentist for dental health check-ups every three months

How does nutrition affect your general health?

Our body comprises multiple systems, and each system works well when it gets the optimum nutrition for its functioning. Whatever we consume, our digestive system’s function is to break it into simple nutrients readily available to all our body cells.

The quality of nutrients present in that food determines the proper functioning of every cell. 

All the diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer have been linked to bad eating habits.

So apart from exercising daily and keeping yourself active, watching for what you consume throughout the day becomes essential.

The Bottom Line

So the food we eat determines our dental health and body’s general health, but it is equally important to have excellent oral health to get the required nutrition from the diet you consume. We hope that the link between your diet, dental health, and general health is clear to you.