Neck pain and TMJ – Connection you must know: TMJ Neck Pain Treatment

TMJ Neck Pain Treatment Thane – What if we told you that your TMJ can be the reason behind your chronic neck pain. Wondering how TMJ pain is associated with neck pain. Right? Hold on!

You may be having chronic neck pain and wondering what exactly the cause is. If you are tired of getting the diagnostic scans for your cervical spine and still not being able to figure out the why behind your chronic neck pain.

We have got you covered as we briefly discuss TMJ pain and its relation to neck pain- information brought to you by The Dental Solutions, center for TMJ Neck Pain Treatment Thane

What is TMJ: TMJ Neck Pain Treatment Thane

TMJ or the temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. This small joint plays an important role in the movement of the jaw and helps you eat and chew your food properly. Any discomfort with the muscles of the TMJ or the joint itself results in temporomandibular dysfunction. 

The neck pain is the result of muscle spasms and reduced flexibility. Research has shown that the pain in the neck may be related to the jaw pain and vice versa can also be true. To understand more about this let us understand the types of TMJ disorders.

Types of TMJ disorder- 

There are broadly two major kinds of TMJ disorders and to understand how TMJ pain causes neck pain we need to understand these two types of TMJ disorders.

Forward jaw opening

The jaw opening is determined by a specific set of muscles that help in the movement of the lower jaw. If the muscles become too tight they tend to change the pattern of opening the jaw. This is what happens with the protrusive jaw opening type of TMJ disorder.

Disc displacement with reduction

The disc present in the TMJ is an important structure and is attached to different ligaments. The shape of the disc is governed by the pull and the tension created by these structures attached.

Disc displacement with reduction is the first stage of TMJ disorder of this type where you will hear the click and pop sound of the joint on opening.

Relation between TMJ and neck pain

So how does all this detailed information related to your neck pain? TMJ disorder (TMJD) is driven by dysfunction in one or more of the muscles that are responsible for keeping the joint in a stable position. 

When it comes to the musculoskeletal system there is no such distinction and the pain from the TMJ can affect the muscles of the neck, upper back, and lower back also. Moreover, a wrong posture of the neck like forwarding bending of the neck can feed the TMJ pain.

An integrated approach to diagnosing the link and treating neck pain is necessary. If you are suffering from chronic neck pain then now is the time to get yourself evaluated for  TMJ Neck Pain Treatment Thane