A brief overview of Functional Appliances Treatment in Thane

What are Functional appliances? – Functional Appliances Treatment in Thane

A functional appliance is a removable orthodontic appliance. It utilizes the facial and jaw muscles to improve how the teeth bite together. They are mostly used in growing age patients and people with prominent front teeth. Functional appliances produce dramatic changes in people in their growing age and are not advised in adults where the growth is completed – Functional Appliances Treatment in Thane

What is the use of a functional appliance? – Functional Appliances Treatment in Thane

Due to the out-of-proportion jaw growth, there is a misaligned bite and the presence of buck teeth. A functional appliance treatment is used before the dental braces. The functional appliance use depends on the nature and severity of the misalignment. They are suggested to be worn daily and at night for maximum results. At The Dental Solutions Thane, our chief dentist Dr. Ravi Goyal recommends removing the appliance while eating, brushing, and playing any contact sports. 

How long is treatment with a functional appliance? – Functional Appliances Treatment in Thane

The duration of the functional appliance treatment usually varies depending upon the severity of the misalignment and the jaw teeth discrepancy. The usual time duration is nine to twelve months. It is possible to go for functional appliance therapy while the milk teeth are present, and most people shift to fixed straightening treatment options like braces after completing fixed appliance therapy.

Commonly Used Functional Appliances

A few common functional appliances are used by our team headed by  Dr. Ravi Goyal at The Dental Solutions Thane. Some of the common functional appliances are-

  • Twin block
  • Bionator 
  • Herbst appliance

Twin block

Twin block helps in normalizing jaw growth during the pre-teen years. It comprises two plates used for both the upper and lower jaws. It is used at a time when the bones are highly flexible and can be remodeled. Depending on the type of condition, the child may be required to wear headgear with twin blocks for maximum results. Twin blocks are one of the fastest functional appliances that deliver results in a really quick time. The twin blocks are removable functional appliances that produce the desired results while allowing the user to maintain everyday speech during the treatment.


Bionators are functional appliances that are removable and are used to move the lower jaw forward. Bionator is often recommended when the upper teeth rest too far ahead of the lower teeth, resulting in an overjet condition. 

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is generally fixed to the back teeth. It is similar to a mini shock absorber with a small tube and rod extending down to a fixed point on the lower teeth. This mechanism puts continuous pressure on the lower jaw, causing it to grow in a more forward direction. Wearing a Herbst appliance produces a substantial effect in a relatively short time; generally, the appliance is worn for about a year. It is a non-removable type of functional appliance. Speaking and eating are not affected by the use of this appliance.