FMR- A brief Overview: Full Mouth Reconstruction Thane

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction? – Full Mouth Reconstruction Thane

Full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that involves restoring all missing and worn-out teeth in a person’s mouth. FMR aims to improve aesthetics, increase efficiency, and improve TMJ-related disability – Full Mouth Reconstruction Thane

It involves both aesthetic and therapeutic components to provide a customized full-mouth makeover. At Dental Solutions NABH, we provide Full Mouth Reconstruction Majiwada with the help of our expert dental surgeons specifically trained to tackle all kinds of FMR cases. 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the indications, benefits and steps of Full Mouth Reconstruction Majiwada- brought to you by Dental Solutions NABH.

Indications of Full Mouth Reconstruction Thane

  • Missing teeth
  • Badly worn-out teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • People with parafunctional habits like teeth grinding or bruxism
  • TMD related problems
  • Teeth damaged to eating hard food items
  • People requiring bite correction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Majiwada Treatments included

There are a variety of treatments that are included in FMR:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Bite correction to improve TMD symptoms
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Braces treatment
  • Clear aligner therapy

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction Thane

  • Improved biting ability
  • Enhance chewing capacity
  • Improved oral health
  • Better dental hygiene
  • One time procedure
  • Long-lasting results
  • A combined approach for holistic returns
  • Stopping the disease progression
  • Improved TMJ-related pain or discomfort
  • More balanced occlusion is achieved
  • Restoration of normal centric movement of the TMJ
  • Relief from the referred pain in the neck, head, and temple region
  • Better quality of life

Time taken in Full Mouth Reconstruction Thane

The time frame varies from person to person and mainly depends on the type of treatment deployed. Since it is a multidisciplinary treatment modality, the time taken for the complete process will depend on how well you plan the case and what sequence you adopt.

Hence accurate diagnosis and treatment planning plays a crucial role in determining the time taken in Full mouth reconstruction Majiwada.

Steps of Full Mouth Reconstruction Majiwada

The FMR procedure is divided into multiple steps, and each stage has significance.


The first and foremost step is the examination of the case. Our experts will clinically examine your current dental status. This includes clinical and radiographic analysis of the mouth’s teeth, gums, and bony structures.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

A detailed examination leads to an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment planning. The diagnosis and treatment planning forms the basis of how well the prognosis of the whole procedure will be.


Once the treatment planning is done, a mock-up trial is done to show you the outcome. In this mock-up, you can ask for changes and give your feedback. This is a provisional stage where the changes can be incorporated.


The need for any additional procedure is also fulfilled before beginning the actual treatment. In some cases, ridge augmentation using grafting procedures facilitates smooth, exact treatment procedures.

Procedure and Follow up

The actual treatment varies as per the dental requirement. The follow-up visits are vital to track the progress and enhance the treatment’s durability.