Causes and cure of Dry Socket: Dry Socket Treatment Thane

How does dry socket start: Dry Socket Treatment Thane

Dry Socket Treatment Thane – A dry socket is a painful condition that can happen to anyone undergoing extraction. Tooth extraction is a pain-free experience, but what if the mild discomfort you feel after extraction turns into an intensified pain experience? This condition of excruciating pain mainly starts with the clot getting dislodged from the extraction site. 

The cause of clot getting dislodged can be many like:

  • Not following the aftercare regime
  • Smoking
  • Drinking with straw
  • Taking oral contraceptive pills

Dry Socket Treatment Thane aims mainly at relieving the pain, and in the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the treatment and ways to prevent it- brought to you by Dental Solutions NABH.

Signs and symptoms to watch out for Dry Socket Treatment Thane

  • Excruciating pain at the site of extraction
  • The visible bone at the surgical site
  • Loss of soft tissue from the area of extraction
  • Poor healing
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Fowl smell from the mouth
  • Bad metallic taste 
  • Radiating or referred pain to the ears, temple area, neck, and eyes

Treatment of dry socket: Dry Socket Treatment Thane

The main aim of the dry socket treatment Majiwada is to manage the pain and relieve the patient’s discomfort. Let us discuss how we at Dental Solutions NABH treat dry sockets, and in the end, we will also give some management tips by which you can prevent this condition.

How does a dentist treat it?

  • Flushing the extraction socket with normal saline and betadine solution to remove the debris
  • Careful examination for any visible root piece or a bony spicule
  • Xrays to confirm the presence of any root fragment
  • Using medicated gauze to pack the area after cleaning it nicely
  • Prescribing pain killers to combat the discomfort effectively
  • Cold compressions are used to relieve the muscle spasms
  • Once the pain is managed and you still feel that the mouth opening is still limited, our experts suggest mouth opening exercises at Dental Solutions NABH.

Management tips and lifestyle changes

  • Avoid touching the area with your tongue or finger
  • Eat soft food to avoid dislodging the clot
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated fizzy drinks
  • Avoid intake of fluid with straw
  • Avoid contact sports or any activity that can potentially dislodge the clot
  • Do not rinse the mouth for the first 24 hrs after surgery
  • Practice good oral hygiene from the next day of surgery
  • Use lukewarm saline rinses after 24hrs of the surgery to promote healing
  • Avoid oral contraceptive pills
  • Avoid drinking or smoking for a week
  • Do not consume tobacco in any form for a week after surgery
  • Take all the medicines as prescribed
  • Follow all the aftercare instructions diligently to prevent complications.
  • Selecting the right dentist is also an important way to prevent dry socket. Our team of expert dentists at Dental Solutions NABH is skilled in tackling any tough surgical case.