Dentures Cost Thane: All about Dentures

Dentures Cost Thane: What to Expect, Cost Vs Value

Restoring the missing teeth is essential to maintain the harmony of the dental apparatus as not replacing them can lead to drifting of the adjacent teeth. Removable dentures work well to replace the missing teeth in people where fixed alternatives are not feasible. – Dentures Cost Thane

At our center, the team of specialist doctors works under the supervision of Dr. Purvi Goyal to provide the best quality treatment for missing teeth.

The dentures cost Thane depends on various factors like the type of denture, the material used, and the number of teeth replaced. It usually ranges from Rs 20000 to Rs 60000. The information below will briefly discuss the different aspects of denture treatment.

Procedure for getting dentures: Dentures Cost Thane

  • The first step in denture fabrication is the careful examination of the mouth. Dr. Purvi Goyal will examine your teeth and surrounding hard and soft tissues to formulate a customized plan.
  • If some teeth can’t be saved, they will be indicated for extraction, and the fabrication of the denture will be based on the final number of missing teeth.
  • After the examination, the next step is making the impression which involves recording both upper and lower jaws.
  • After impression making, the next step is bite recording, which will help the clinician to decide the teeth setting for your bite as it is different for every individual.
  • Once the bite is recorded, the final teeth setting is done to check it in the try-in stage before the final fabrication.
  • In the trial stage, you will be asked to speak certain words to check your pronunciation with the temporary prosthesis.
  • Once everything is checked, the final denture fabrication is done in the lab.

Tips for a comfortable denture-wearing experience: Dentures Cost Majiwada

  • Since the dentures are removable, you will need some practice putting them in and out of the mouth.
  • Do follow all the instructions of our team and Dr. Purvi Goyal, and feel free to clear all your doubts during denture delivery.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the initial days while eating or chewing. Start with a soft diet and gradually increase the load.
  • Try wearing the dentures for a long time to get used to them, and always set realistic expectations for them. Never expect it to feel familiar in the first few days. 
  • Always go for your follow-up visits as they will be really helpful in having minor adjustments if required
  • You might be needing some adhesives for the placement of dentures initially for better retention
  • Practice your cheek and tongue muscles to speak and swallow with the dentures placed inside the mouth.

Aftercare tips for dentures: Dentures Cost Thane

Aftercare of the dentures is essential to maintain them in good shape. Some of the critical tips of aftercare for dentures are mentioned below, and if you practice all these tips, the denture’s durability and life will increase. The value for your denture cost Majiwada will be more.

  • Always remove and clean your dentures after every meal
  • Use denture cleaning tablets for cleaning the dentures as toothpaste may be harsh for them
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean the denture
  • Always remove your denture at night and keep it in a container with water
  • Always rinse your mouth after removing the denture
  • Try adjusting your eating habits and start with small sized bolus to chew properly
  • Chew from both the sides of the dentures