Dentures BPS Cost Thane: Conventional versus BPS dentures

What does BPS system offer: Dentures BPS Cost Thane

Dentures BPS Cost Thane – A denture should bring back liveliness by radiating character when you speak or smile. Conventional dentures are no way closer to what BPS dentures have to offer. BPS denture is fabricated under six times more pressure than traditional dentures. This high-pressure fabrication makes the BPS material denser and stronger. The highly compact structure that is hard to break is more resistant to plaque accumulation and healthier than traditional dentures. BPS dentures use the IVOCLAR module, reducing the monomer gas to less than one percent.  Dentures BPS Cost Majiwada usually ranges between Rs 30000 to Rs 80000, and the exact cost depends on the case, which is best evaluated by our chief dentist Dr. Purvi Goyal.

The teeth used in these dentures are more durable and wear-resistant than their conventional counterparts. The articulator used for teeth setting is the STRATOS articulator, which makes the occlusion more balanced, making the user experience more comfortable by reducing TMJ-related pain. The balanced bite makes the denture acceptance faster and more comfortable. 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the advantages and cost versus value relation of BPS dentures- brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane and Majiwada

Advantages of BPS system: Dentures BPS Cost Thane

  • BPS dentures Majiwada reproduce the function of the teeth while speaking, eating, and chewing to a large extent. The patient will get a highly stable denture that is resistant to breakage.
  • BPS dentures fabricated under the expert guidance of Dr. Purvi Goyal by injection molding technique are highly durable.
  • The harder consistency food items can be easily consumed right from day one after denture insertion.
  • The quality of teeth and the precise bite registration makes BPS denture a masterpiece
  • BPS dentures have high fracture resistance due to their material quality 
  • If you are looking for a natural-looking high-quality denture, then BPS dentures by Dr. Purvi Goyal should be your choice
  • Dentures BPS cost Thane may be slightly on a higher side than conventional dentures, but when you compare the value you get, it is worth the investment.

Cost versus Value: Dentures BPS Cost Majiwada

With the BPS dentures, you get the value you deserve in the form of

  • BPS quality- The quality you receive with BPS dentures is unmatched, and the supreme quality components make it an experience like never before
  • Patient identification card- helps you give a quick insight into your records
  • Denture box-  helps you keep your dentures safely when not using them
  • Care guide- to help you care for your dentures in a correct manner

What to expect with BPS dentures: Dentures BPS Cost Thane

  • High-quality material maximizes comfort by decreasing gum irritation
  • Stronger denture material helps resist fracture
  • The customized approach by Dr. Purvi Goyal produces maximum fit and comfort for the user
  • Emotionally and socially enriched life because of the natural feel of the denture
  • Reduced risk of plaque accumulation and bacterial growth due to highly smooth surface of the dentures