Kid’s fillings: Dental Fillings for Kids Thane

Dental Fillings for Kids Thane: When your baby starts showing milk teeth, it is common to have many questions in mind. As a parent, you are worried about your child’s dental health. The milk teeth start erupting as early as six months of age. People commonly believe that milk teeth are temporary, so they do not need any care. However, not caring for the milk teeth can have ill effects on the permanent teeth.

In this piece of information brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic, we will discuss the most common type of dental treatment for children-  Dental fillings.

We will highlight the whys and the hows of dental fillings for kids. We will also cover the signs of tooth decay you must not miss and the ways to prevent cavities.

Why are Dental Fillings for Kids Thane needed?

  • Milk teeth act as a guide for permanent teeth. It is important to maintain them till the permanent teeth start erupting. 
  • Milk teeth help the kid to eat and speak well.
  • Dental health is directly related to the overall health of the child.
  • Tooth cavities can lead to other problems like infections.
  • Untreated cavities can lead to severe complications like extreme pain and discomfort.

How are Dental Fillings for Kids Thane done?

  •  The kid’s dental specialists do dental Fillings for Kids Thane at The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic. Many types of dental fillings are used depending on the location and severity of the tooth decay.
  • Our team of experts ensures that the fillings are done in an entirely pain-free manner. We understand that these dental experiences will shape how the kid will react to future dental experiences.
  • The procedure is performed with or without local anesthesia, depending on the severity of the decay. 
  • Once the decayed portion is removed and the tooth is cleaned, it is ready to receive the filling material.
  • The filling material is set by the doctor using a special blue light

What causes decay in kids?

The main cause of decay in kids is eating habits and the inability to maintain proper oral hygiene. The kids are keener to consume sugar-loaded drinks and food items. It can be detrimental if the child is not brushing or rinsing their mouth after consumption. The saliva contains harmful bacteria that use the sugar in the food as fuel to produce acid. This acid production is the reason for the dissolution of the enamel. The structure and presence of deep pits make the milk teeth more prone to tooth cavities.

Signs of tooth decay in kids

  • Dark colored spots
  • White spots
  • Crying or fussy child
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food items
  • Drooling of saliva
  • Irritable child
  • Extreme pain and avoiding food in general

How to prevent cavities in kids?

  • Supervise your child while brushing
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste after the doctor’s recommendation
  • Rinse their mouth after every meal
  • Start cleaning the teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts
  • Do not use sugar-laden milk or juices in a bottle while sleeping