How to get your Crooked Teeth Straight: Crooked Teeth Treatment Thane

Are you wondering about how to get your crooked teeth straightened? Crooked teeth Treatment Thane provides various solutions to this problem. If you think your teeth are misaligned, you must get your complete dental evaluation at The Dental Solutions, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane, to get a customized treatment plan designed by our experts in Majiwada.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the various treatment options available at one of the few NABH Accredited Clinic Thane- brought to you by The Dental Solutions, Majiwada

Why get crooked teeth straightened: Crooked Teeth Treatment Thane

The misaligned teeth are not just an aesthetic concern but can also pose dental health issues. The various problems caused by misaligned teeth are:

Gum diseases

The misaligned teeth are not easy to clean with regular brushing and lead to plaque accumulation on the tooth surface. This plaque, over some time, hardens to become tartar that can only be removed with professional cleaning. If not cleaned timely, the tartar irritates the gum and leads to gum diseases which can progress into the disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth.

Tooth decay

The food particles stuck between the teeth, if not cleaned properly, can lead to the growth of bacteria. The bacteria feed on the sugar in the food and form an acid that causes the dissolution of the tooth structure.

Wear and tear

The misaligned teeth put unnecessary pressure on the teeth leading to their wear and tear. Excessive stress on the teeth affects the temporomandibular joint and leads to frequent pain in the joint and referred pain in the ear, neck, and temporal region. So if you have frequent unexplained headaches, it might be due to crooked teeth, and crooked teeth treatment Thane can solve your problem.

Speech problems

Certain words need proper alignment of your upper teeth with the lower teeth. When there are some alignment issues with the teeth, it gets reflected in the speech problems with the individual.

Improper chewing

The relationship of the upper teeth with the lower teeth is called occlusion, and proper occlusion is essential for chewing your food correctly. Do you know that your food digestion begins in the mouth itself? The misaligned teeth can cause improper chewing leading to constipation and other general health issues.

Treatment options: Crooked Teeth Treatment Thane

Metal braces

The traditional form of crooked teeth treatment Thane is metal braces where the metal brackets are applied on the front surface of the teeth, and the wired network which passes through it helps move the teeth into a more desired position.

Ceramic braces

The drawback with metal braces is that the braces are visible and may appear unaesthetic. Ceramic braces are tooth-colored alternatives that work similarly to traditional ones.

Lingual braces

The lingual braces are given in some instances where the braces are applied on the inner surface making it less visible. The drawback of lingual braces is the higher risk of damage to the soft tissues in the mouth.

Clear Aligners

The latest way of treating misaligned teeth is using clear aligners. It uses a set of plastic trays customized to fit your mouth. The force exerted by these plates moves the teeth into the desired position