Budgeting your Teeth Alignment: Crooked Teeth Treatment Cost Thane

Types of Treatment: Crooked Teeth Treatment Cost Thane

Metal braces

The traditional braces treatment consists of metal brackets and a wired network that helps pull the crooked teeth into alignment. This is the most common treatment used by our specialists at The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane.

It can be used to treat almost all kinds of misalignments.

Ceramic braces

The tooth-colored brackets in the form of ceramic braces are a more aesthetic form of treatment for crooked teeth. Crooked Teeth Treatment Cost Thane will also vary according to the bracket used by our experts at The Dental Solutions, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane.

Lingual braces

This is the type of brace applied on the teeth’ inner aspect to make the braces less visible; however, it is indicated only in a few specific instances.

Aligner therapy

The latest method for treating misaligned teeth is aligner therapy Majiwada. In this, you will be given a pair of customized plates according to your current dental condition. The plates are designed to be worn sequentially to exert constant pressure on the teeth to move them into a more favorable position.

Factors affecting Crooked Teeth Treatment Cost Thane

  • Nature or severity of the case
  • The method used for alignment
  • Type of braces used
  • Duration of the process
  • Any additional surgical procedures required

Procedure for Alignment: Crooked Teeth Treatment Cost Thane

  • The first and foremost is the consultation with our team at The Dental Solutions, Majiwada. In this step, you can discuss all your queries and let us know your expectations of the outcome.
  • Our experts will then examine your dental status clinically and radiographically. Based on the examination, a clinical diagnosis is formulated. A customized treatment plan is then designed as per your dental needs.
  • After this comes the record-making step in which our doctors will make the impression of your teeth for record purposes. They will also click several pictures of you to track your journey.
  • Now comes the time for the placement of braces onto the tooth. The wired network passes through these braces, and by taking support from the strong teeth, the braces help move the teeth into the desired location.
  • The braces treatment needs frequent adjustments and visits with the dentist for regular follow-ups.
  • The aligner therapy comprises customized plates that are given to you in pairs. The plates have to be worn sequentially for optimum results.
  • The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, has specialists treating all misalignments. At our center, we ensure that strict sterilization protocols are maintained for your safety.

How does the Alignment process work: Crooked Teeth Treatment Cost Thane

The alignment process involves using braces or aligner therapy and works on similar principles. The constant force is applied on the tooth during movement using the desired way of treating the crooked tooth.

The aim is to induce changes in the surrounding tissues and the bone around the tooth. This process leads to the movement of the tooth within the jawbone. After the movement is complete, retainer therapy is given to maintain the teeth in their new position