How to fix a Cracked Tooth: Cracked Tooth Treatment Thane

A brief overview of Cracked Tooth: Cracked Tooth Treatment Thane

A cracked tooth is a very common condition that can be effectively managed when caught in an early stage. Our team of doctors at The Dental Solutions, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane are specialized in repairing all kinds of cracked tooth Majiwada.  In the information provided below, we will briefly the causes, types and Cracked Tooth Treatment Thane- brought to you by The Dental Solutions, NABH Accredited Clinic Thane

What causes the tooth to crack: Cracked Tooth Treatment Thane

There are a variety of reasons for the tooth to crack:

  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Large fillings that has weakened the tooth structure
  • Chewing on extremely hard food item
  • Direct blow to the tooth such as road traffic accident, contact sports or in a fist fight
  • Sudden changes in the temperature of the food items
  • Age more than 50yrs

Types of a cracked tooth

Our experts in Majiwada formulate a customized plan for you based on the diagnosis of the type of cracked tooth. The different types of a cracked tooth are:

Craze lines

Superfine lines in the enamel portion. It is usually painless and requires no treatment. Proper illumination and the latest magnification systems at our centers in Majiwada make it easier to identify the craze lines

Fractured cusp

The tooth’s cusp plays an important role in chewing the food properly. If the tooth breaks from the cusp, then the food item can not be effectively chewed, which can lead to many general health problems like constipation

Split tooth Vertical root fracture

The cracked tooth root fracture means the fracture line has crossed the crown portion and reaches the vertical root fracture 

Cracks extending into the gum lines

Superficially the crack can limit up to the crown and crowns that extend up to the gum line sneed extraction

Difference between a cracked tooth and a chipped tooth

The two terms cracked tooth and chipped tooth might be confusing for you. Let us understand the basic difference

  • The cracked tooth is more common in the last molars, whereas the chipped-off tooth is more likely to be found in the front tooth
  • The cracked tooth shows typical releasing pain that is, when you release the bite, the pain is noticed. The point of difference here is that the chipped-off enamel usually shows no pain 
  • The good thing is that the chipped tooth structure can be treated in a single sitting, whereas the severely cracked tooth needs root canal treatment for a complete cure

Symptoms of a cracked tooth 

  • Swelling of the gums around the affected tooth
  • Pain on releasing the bite when chewing
  • Intermittent pain that comes and goes, rarely continuous
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold items

Treatment of a cracked tooth

Dental Bonding

The resin-based material is used to mold it into the shape of the tooth to mimic the natural tooth.

Root canal treatment

As the crack has reached the center and affected the pulp, it is essential to do RCT. in this procedure, the root canal means the center pulp extending into the roots is cleaned and filled with a medicated material.