Your ultimate guide to ceramic veneers: Ceramic Veneers Thane

What are Ceramic Veneers Thane

Ceramic veneers Thane are the more custom-fit aesthetic solution for all your cosmetic concerns. They use a biocompatible and inert material and also require less tooth preparation. Ceramic veneers offer great cosmetic results exactly mimicking the natural tooth. Its mechanical properties, strength, and biocompatibility have gained popularity. 

Ceramic veneers Thane are made of three varieties: leucite reinforced glass-ceramic, feldspathic ceramic, and then lithium disilicate reinforced glass-ceramic. Ceramic veneers have unique aesthetic and optical properties and the mechanical ability to handle intraoral stresses while maintaining the tooth’s structural integrity.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss ceramic veneers- brought to you by Dental Solutions Thane and Majiwada.

How are ceramic veneers fitted: Ceramic Veneers Thane

Diagnosis and treatment planning

This is the most crucial step as in this step; a customized treatment plan is made as per your aesthetic concern. You can share all your expectations and ask your doubts during this appointment. Our cosmetic experts in Majiwada will address all your queries and explain the outcome before proceeding further.

Tooth preparation

This is the next step in which our team of aesthetic dentists, Majiwada, prepares the tooth to receive the ceramic veneer material. After preparing the tooth, the dental scan is taken and sent to the lab for preparation. It is vital to minimally prepare the tooth to create optimum space for the ceramic veneer without making it bulky and unaesthetic.

Bonding of ceramic veneers

The final step is bonding the ceramic veneer to the front surface of the teeth to hide the imperfections. The adhesive used to fix the veneer is dental cement. Please note that the veneer once fixed, can’t be removed at home by you. 

Properties and uses of ceramic veneers are: Ceramic Veneers Thane

Zero recovery time

Since it is a non-surgical procedure so there is practically zero recovery time. The individual getting the veneers can proceed with the day-to-day routine activities. They do not interfere with the eating and speaking activities of an individual.

The cosmetic solution to many problems

Ceramic veneers are a cosmetic solution to many problems like darkly stained teeth and cracked or chipped-off tooth surfaces. It is a quick and easy way to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

Permanent solution

They are permanently bonded to your teeth, offering a long-term permanent solution to your cosmetic concerns. 

Minimal tooth preparation required

Very minimal tooth preparation is required for the placement of the ceramic veneer. The tooth preparation also varies according to the tooth involved and its position in the arch.

Less preparation time

Ceramic veneers are not milled but synthesized, thus reducing the preparation time compared to porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers require a lot of laboratory work; hence, temporary veneers are given in their case.

Choosing the color

You can lighten the shade of your teeth by choosing the color. Our dentists in Majiwada ensure that the outcome is planned per your expectations.

Tooth reconstruction

Ceramic veneers are used for the reconstruction of broken or chipped-off teeth. When orthodontic treatment is not feasible or desired, ceramic veneers can also be used to treat minor misalignments and close gaps between the teeth.