BPS Dentures Thane: Try the revolutionary new dentures

Insight of BPS dentures Thane

BPS dentures Thane by The Dental Solutions Thane – BPS stands for a bio-functional prosthetic system of dentures. 


The most significant aspect of BPS dentures is the biofunctionality it offers in terms of speaking, smiling, eating, and chewing the food. 


The BPS dentures give a sturdy prosthetic system that is more durable and stronger than traditional dentures. The labs and the clinics offering BPS dentures are limited and certified after training to provide this prosthesis system.


It involves a coordinated system that involves certified technicians and clinicians to utilize the personal dental data and correlate it with the dental requirements to offer a system of solutions in the form of BPS dentures

What are BPS dentures:  BPS Dentures Thane

Biofunctional prosthetic systems or BPS dentures Thane are the revolutionary new types of dentures that use a standardized series of interconnected procedures to produce functional, elegant-looking, and comfortable dentures. Compared to the traditional variants, the material used in the fabrication of BPS Dentures Majiwada uses all the latest technology to produce a flexible denture. 

Regarding aesthetics, the BPS Dentures Thane has proven superior to conventional dentures as they involve digital scans of the facial muscles to mimic nature. The material used in making BPS dentures are highly life-like, and our team, headed by Dr. Purvi, ensures that the best lab in the city fabricates this revolutionary product.

How are BPS dentures different:  BPS Dentures Thane

At our center, BPS technology is the favorite of our chief dentist Dr. Purvi Goyal for all kinds of complete, partial, and immediate dentures. These dentures are highly precise regarding the instruments, products, and setup techniques used to make them. BPS denture aims to create a high-quality denture that exactly mimics nature. BPS dentures instill confidence and sophistication while eating, speaking, and laughing. 

These dentures provide a replica of natural dentition, making the wearer extremely comfortable with the denture-wearing experience. All facial forms and muscles are recorded digitally to naturally restore the lips, cheeks, and facial musculature. 

What should you expect with BPS Dentures Thane?

  • Maximum comfort to the wearer
  • Decreased irritation to the gums and other soft tissues
  • Fewer chances of breakage as the material used is highly durable and strong 
  • The surface of dentures is highly polished and smooth, thereby reducing the bacterial deposition
  • Better fit than the conventional denture
  • With BPS dentures Thane you can enjoy a wide range of food items, enhancing your quality of life
  • BPS dentures Majiwada offer a more natural-looking denture experience elevating your self-confidence and personality

The process involved in  BPS Dentures Majiwada

  • The first step is clinical examination and formulation of a customized treatment plan as per the diagnosis. The consultation for BPS dentures will be done with Dr. Purvi Goyal, and you can clear all your queries before beginning the procedure.
  • The next step is impression-making using accudent system
  • The next step is final impression making, followed by facebow transfer
  • Bite registrations are done using gnathometers
  • Ivoclar teeth are used in teeth setting using Ivoclar stratus articulator
  • Using IVOCAP processing injection, the try-in is done
  • The occlusion is checked before the final fabrication of BPS dentures Majiwada.