How to stop bleeding gums: Bleeding gums treatment Thane

What are bleeding gums: Bleeding gums treatment thane

Bleeding gums is a common manifestation of a condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums caused by plaque build-up on the teeth that irritates the gums. Gingivitis is a painful condition of the gums affecting adults that require prompt attention. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to a condition known as periodontitis that affects the surrounding support tissues of the teeth. 

Occasional bleeding from the gums is not much of a concern, but frequent bleeding needs attention and care. The information provided below will discuss the causes, signs, symptoms, and Bleeding gums treatment thane thane- brought to you by The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic.

Causes of bleeding gums: Stop bleeding gums

  • The most common cause of blood in gums is plaque-induced gingivitis. The gums become irritated due to plaque buildup near the gum line. The plaque build-up is responsible for bloody gums and, if not treated timely, can lead to other severe conditions that can cause mobile teeth.
  • Another common reason for bloody gums is the deficiency of vitamins K, and C. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to a condition called scurvy, in which the gums become soft and soggy.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes and blood disorders like hemophilia and von Willebrand disease are also the causative factors for blood in gums.

Signs and symptoms of bloody gums

Initial stages

  • Gums become swollen and red( bloody gums)
  • Blood in the gums

Advanced stages

  • Metallic taste from the mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Collection of pus in rare cases
  • Teeth become loose

Home remedies: Bleeding gums treatment thane

Salt and lukewarm rinses

The most common home remedy for bleeding gums cure is mixing salt with lukewarm water. Doing 3-4 rinses with it will significantly reduce the swelling of the gums.

Using honey

Regular massage with honey yields the best results. Honey has shown to be beneficial in fighting against the bacteria responsible for gum diseases.

Intake of vitamin C

Vitamin c is an essential vitamin that is present in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis and maintaining the gums in good health.

Coconut oil massage

Regular massage with coconut oil has proven to help strengthen the loose gum tissues.

Turmeric application

Turmeric is known for its medicinal properties. In the case of Bleeding gums treatment thane, its anti-inflammatory action plays a role. When mixed with mustard oil and applied to gums, it helps reduce the swelling of the gums.

Professional bleeding gums cure

The most effective way to cure bleeding gums, as suggested by our experts at The Dental Solutions Thane – Thane’s only NABH Accredited Dental Clinic, is professional cleaning of the teeth every six months. In the advanced stages of gum disease, gum surgery is the preferred treatment method.

Scaling and root planing are popular for gums treatment before planning gum surgery. In this method of gums treatment, deposits are removed from the tooth surface and the roots are cleaned to prevent the bacteria’s reattachment.