A brief overview of new Implant Variant: Basal Implants Thane

What are Basal Implants? Basal Implants Thane

Basal Implants Thane is the latest method of Biocortical Implantology or cortical implantology. It is the most advanced implantology method and has gained popularity in cosmetic dentistry. Basal Implants are a special variant of dental implants placed in the basal cortical portion of your jawbone. Basal bone is the most substantial portion of your jawbone, with a sufficient cortical bone to retain implants.

Basal implants are also known as orthopedic implants, lateral implants, or disk implants. They are the unique variants of dental implants indicated in some instances. Our experts at The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, will carefully examine your case clinically and radiologically before planning Basal Implants Thane.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the Basal Implants Thane- brought to you by The Dental Solutions, Majiwada.

Advantages of Basal Implants Thane

There are several benefits of Basal Implants over traditional implants-

  • The entire procedure is done within 48-72hrs, and thus it is called immediate loading implants. The last step is fixing the dental cap.
  • There is no need for a bone grafting procedure, simplifying the complex surgery.
  • It is the best implant type for atrophic bone cases where there is an insufficient amount of bone for placing traditional implants.
  • It takes support from the basal cortical bone, which is the most substantial part, and offers maximum support.
  • The retention of basal implants is better in compromised bone density cases.
  • The failure rate of basal implants is significantly less when compared with other varieties.
  • The results of basal implants are immediate, and there are fewer chances of complications.

Procedure: Basal Implants Thane

Consultation and examination

This is the most crucial step in planning surgery. The case is clinically examined, and the bone structure is analyzed radiologically. Accurate treatment planning is the key to the success of implant surgery. 3D techniques are deployed to study the current status, and the doctors at our center ensure a detailed discussion regarding the treatment where you can discuss all your queries.


Basal Implants surgery is minimally invasive and requires a small flap opening in the bone. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, and our experts at The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, ensure that all the sterilization protocols are followed.

Final stage

The third and final step is dental crown placement. This is done after 48-72 hrs of implant placement, and the crown acts like natural teeth.

Aftercare Basal Implants Thane

  • Maintain good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing, as it is the key to preventing implant failure
  • As instructed by your doctor, take all the medications to prevent complications.
  • Do not miss any of the follow-up visits, as they help track the progress
  • Take a soft diet for the first few days to avoid unnecessary stress
  • Avoid hot and spicy food items
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Immediately report to our team if there is any unbearable pain