How much does Basal Implants cost: Basal Implants Cost Thane

Basal Implants Cost Thane

Cosmetic dentistry has seen a paradigm shift when it comes to the ways missing teeth are replaced. With the advancement of technology, many new variants of Dental Implants like basal implants are now available. At The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, we provide high-quality basal implants with the help of our expert team of implant specialists. Basal Implants Cost Thane usually ranges from three to four lakhs for the whole mouth and depends on several factors. The information below will briefly discuss the basal characteristics and factors affecting the Basal Implants Cost Thane.

Overview of Basal Implants: Basal Implants Cost Thane

The jawbone is composed of internal spongy bone and an outer cortical portion. The cortical part is highly mineralized and can regenerate quickly. The basal implants take support from this cortical portion and thus can be loaded soon. The basal implants cost Thane is different from the regular dental implants as the loading execution and the prosthetic planning are different.

At The Dental Solutions, Majiwada, we have a team of expert specialists trained in dealing with cases requiring basal implants. Now you must be wondering if it is the right choice for you. Let us find out the indication for basal implants and what factors govern the Basal Implants Cost Thane.

Who is the right candidate?

The right candidature for the basal Implants is decided after a detailed clinical examination and radiographic analysis. Some of the conditions where basal implants are indicated are-

  • Several missing teeth or teeth planned for extraction
  • Good medical health
  • Bone grafting or ridge augmentation is not possible or failed previously.
  • Looking for a quick fix to missing teeth
  • There is a severe bone loss where other implants are not a feasible option

Factors determining Basal Implants Cost Thane

Basal Implants cost Thane varies because of several reasons like-

  • The severity of the case
  • How many implants are needed for restoration
  • Amount of time and skill needed for the entire process
  • Requirement of any other additional procedure
  • Dental and medical history
  • Complexity of the general health
  • The material used for the implants

Characteristics of Basal Implants: Basal Implants Cost Thane

  • They can be given in cases of severe bone atrophy, and advanced bone loss cases can be treated with immediate loading basal implants.
  • They are completed in one sitting and are usually safe for all cases.
  • Higher success rate and long-lasting life
  • As the implants are immediately loading, you can get your teeth fixed in a couple of days.
  • The minimally invasive procedure eliminates the risk of complications
  • First choice for patients wanting immediately functional implants
  • Low maintenance and highly durable
  • The support from the basal bone makes the implant highly stable with a higher success rate.

Are Basal Implants painful?

The procedure for implant placement is minimally invasive and is done under the effect of local anesthesia. The process is entirely painless and slight discomfort after the placement is expected, which can be managed with over-the-counter medications. Very rarely do we need general anesthesia for implant placement.