A Step-by-Step Guide to how a crown is done

Dental crowns or caps are a necessary dental procedure that helps restore a damaged tooth. Restoring a structurally compromised tooth’s form, function, and aesthetics is essential for better overall functioning. Dental crowns produce a significant change by restoring the proper form and function. The tooth can be damaged for many reasons, the most common being extensive tooth decay. In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss how a crown is done in the step-by-step guide by The Dental Solutions Thane.

Consultation – Step 1 of how a crown is done

The first step is the consultation with our smile experts at The Dental Solutions Thane. It is a crucial step as the tooth is clinically examined before planning dental crowns. A radiographical analysis of the tooth is also done to examine the extent of decay. It is an essential step that helps in formulating a customized treatment plan for your dental needs. The extent of the decay will determine the need for any other procedure like RCT before planning dental crowns.

Tooth Preparation – Step 2 of how a crown is done

The tooth is prepared to receive the dental crown by trimming it from all sides. This step includes removing the damaged portion of the tooth and reshaping it to provide a stable foundation to receive the dental crown. It is an entirely painless procedure done under local anesthesia. This step is crucial as it ensures the snug fit of the dental cap. 

Record making – Step 3 of how a crown is done

Once the tooth is prepared, an impression of both the upper and lower teeth is taken. The impressions are used to make a study model that helps craft a customized dental crown. There are many ways of taking impressions, like traditional ways using dental materials like putty and digital impressions. At The Dental Solutions Thane, we use digital scanners to take the impressions for a better and more accurate analysis. The digital impressions provide accurate results and help create a 3D tooth model for crown fabrication.

Final Placement – step 4 of how a crown is done

The 3D tooth models are used to fabricate the customized crowns. The customized crowns mimic the natural teeth in color, shape, and size. This process takes some time, and you will be provided with temporary crowns in the meantime. Once the crown is ready, you will be called in for a final check.

During the final placement 

The temporary crown is removed, and your tooth is cleaned thoroughly. The final dental crown is checked for its fit before final cementation. The bite is also examined by asking you to close the mouth gently. The crown is cemented once the fit is perfect, and our experts are satisfied with the bite analysis. A special adhesive cement is used to fix the crown. The dental crowns are not removable and are designed to provide a lifetime solution. Do follow regular oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing to ensure the long life of a dental crown.